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Water Treatment

The extensive usage of motors for pumping purposes causes many problems in water industry. There are repeated starts and stops during operation. The variable speed of the pumps leads to harmonics and disturbances that lower energy efficiency as well as faster equipment malfunction and downtime for service or replacement. The usage of long cables between motors and drivers like submersible pump or geothermal power plant applications are other problematic issues. Therefore, special type of harmonic filters should be installed for load and line sides of drivers for longer equipment life and for complying with harmonic standards imposed by the utilities. In addition to harmonics, reactive power compensation is another concern due to the motors.

As EPRLAB, we develop and implement special type harmonic filters for line and load sides of adjustable speed drives, and advanced devices like STATCOM systems for reactive power compensation of motors as well as for minimizing grid disturbances due to frequent start-stop operations.