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EPRLAB is capable on:

» Implementing turnkey project solutions on Reactive Power Compensation (RPC) and Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices like SVC and STATCOM

» Supervision on and commissioning of complete RPC and FACTS systems like SVC and STATCOM, in different industries such as Iron & Steel, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Mining, Traction, and etc.

» Taking measurements and providing analysis in order to offer solutions to harsh power quality problems

» Providing engineering solutions and technical support on industrial electrical energy problems

» Implementation of control and remote monitoring systems

» Design of custom control architecture consisting of PLCs, DSPs and FPGAs for power quality solutions

» Aiding in maintenance of and upgrading existing RPC and FACTS systems with new and reliable technology

with its 15 year experience in design, implementation and field work.