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Static VAr Compensator (SVC)

The use of TCR together with Harmonic Filters is often referred to as an SVC. Since the amount of reactive power absorbed by TCR can be changed through the firing angles of thyristors, the total SVC output reactive power is under control. According to the needs of the load, either reactive power limitations may be met, or voltage regulation at the connected bus might be enhanced.

The most remarkable benefits of SVC are:
  - Low response time, on the order of milliseconds+
  - Prevention of transient currents and voltages
  - Lower disturbance in the network
  - Ability to provide inductive reactive power on demand
  - Independent three phase compensation - unbalanced compensation

+This feature is especially important for rapid changing inductive loads such as welding machines, furnaces, etc.

EPRLAB provides SVC solutions to its customers with the following features:

 » 0.4kV to 36kV system voltage*
 » 1MVAr to 300MVAr reactive power
 » Digital controllers such as DSP and FPGA
 » Remote monitoring and control through PLC and HMI systems

*Higher voltages possible via coupling transformer, please consult us