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Conventional Compensation

Reactive power compensation (RPC) is an inevitable requirement for all types of industry in today’s world. It has been gaining importance since the first long distance transmission of electricity. Currently, industrial electrical energy consumers are forced to pay penalties for inadequate RPC. The first and easiest way of RPC, namely Conventional Compensation, makes use of parallel capacitor banks which can be (preferably) switched in and out of circuit according to demand of loads. Since they make reactive power compensation, they provide voltage support to the network. In fact, these compensation banks can be used directly to regulate system voltage rather than to compensate reactive power.

EPRLAB provides its customers with equipment and ratings selection, design, implementation and commissioning services on Conventional Compensation for both low voltage and medium voltage levels. The decision on switching instants are taken by digital controllers such as PLC, by making calculations using system variables such as voltage and current.

Conventional compensation banks, namely plain capacitor based RPC systems with the following specifications are provided by EPRLAB:

 » Single phase or three phase
 » Staged operation according to demand
 » 0.4kV to 36kV system voltage
 » 1MVAr to 100MVAr reactive power
 » Indoor or outdoor implementation
 » RPC relay or PLC based controller