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Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC)

For Conventional Compensation and Harmonic Filters, the use of mechanical switches such as breakers and contactors, in order to switch the banks in and out of circuit is one way. The other way is to use semiconductors such as thyristors to make the switching. TSC is the name given to harmonic filter systems or compensation banks which are switched in and out by use of thyristors. By smart decision on switching instants for the thyristors, these systems can be switched in and out of circuit with almost no transients at all.

The most important benefits of TSC when compared to mechanical switching are:

  - Fast response, on the order of milliseconds 1
  - Prevention of transient currents and voltages
  - Longer life time for system equipment
  - Less failures in switches
  - Lower operation noise
  - Lower disturbance in the network

1 This feature is especially important for rapid changing inductive loads such as welding machines, furnaces, etc.

We provide TSC solutions to our customers with the following features:

 » 0.4kV to 36kV system voltage 1
 » 1MVAr to 20MVAr reactive power 2
 » Indoor or outdoor implementation 3
 » Digital controllers such as DSP and FPGA
 » Remote monitoring and control through PLC and HMI systems

1 Higher voltages possible via coupling transformer, please consult us
2 Higher power rating possible, please consult us
3 It may depend on voltage and power ratings