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Mobility is one of the important concerns globally and the railway transportation is gaining more attractiveness for mass transportation of passengers and heavy loads inside/between cities, and even in between countries. The need of electrical power increases due to exploration of high speed trains in between cities or countries and Light Rail Trains (LRT) in cities. Voltage regulation and phase-balancing are the main power quality concerns faced in traction applications. Furthermore, the usage of underground cables for LRT applications leads to capacitive reactive power during light loads and some compensation devices should be installed. Additionally, the rectifiers used for LRT applications produce low-order harmonics and their magnitudes may go over the limits defined in related standards.

We have SVC and STATCOM systems to increase voltage in the catenaries and to achieve phase-balancing for traction applications. Our conventional compensation systems based on shunt reactors or TCR systems are the feasible solution for compensation of capacitive reactive power. We also provide harmonic filters to diminish low-order harmonics of rectifiers to comply with harmonic standards.