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Iron & Steel

Iron and Steel Industry has been growing increasingly in the world due to population growth and industrialization. Extensive use of arc and ladle furnaces in most of the plants is the main cause of power quality problems for electricity transmission systems. Owing to nonlinear and stochastic nature of the furnaces as a load, various furnace parameters such as the furnace voltage and current, the real and reactive power exhibit significant and sudden variations in time, especially during the scrap melting. These variations cause flicker and harmonic problems at the point of common coupling (PCC). In addition, huge numbers of motors are used in rolling mills, and they lead to harmonics due to drivers, and disturbances caused by rapid start-stop motor operations.

Our turn-key STATCOM and SVC solutions satisfactorily compensate the rapidly changing reactive power demand of furnaces and reduce the harmonic levels below the limits defined in international standards. We have harmonic filter and soft starter solutions for harmonic problems and power grid disturbances led by the use of motors and drivers.